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Weizel presently serves 1,755 correctional and prison facilities in North America 2006 Incarceration Facts

U.S.A: 2.2 Million inmates in approx. 7,000 facilities.

Canada: 38,000 inmates in approx. 450 facilities

Weizel presently serves 2,454 hospitals in North America


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Video Security Systems

Security Cameras - Purchasing Solutions

  1. Do you have an existing camera system? Yes No
  2. If so, do you intend to expand or replace equipment you currently have?
  3. What does the system consist of, including brands and types of equipment?


New Fixed Cams

  1. What distances and fields of view are required of each camera? (How far to the target, how wide or tall the image should be to get the ideal shot)
  2. What are the environmental conditions of where each camera is located? (Indoor or outdoor? High levels of dust? Moisture? Solvents or chemicals? Is there a probability the camera may be attacked or vandalized?)
  3. How is the lighting for the area where the camera will be looking at? Is the camera facing south or out a glass door to bright light and tough backlight conditions? Is there good lighting at night (enough to identify another person standing 30 or 40 feet away by eye?) If not, can additional artificial light be introduced?
  4. FOR POOR LIGHT SCENARIOS: Is acquiring colour information vital 24 hours/day, or would a camera that switches to black and white in low light levels be acceptable?
  5. Where will the camera be mounted? Wall? Pole? Parapet (look it up)? Ceiling? Roof? Corner (inside or outside corners)? Is the camera for a holding cell or similar environment with risk of suicide attempt?
  6. If outdoor (or in cold storage etc.), what range of temperatures will it be subjected to? (May require rain protection and/or heater and blower…)


New Pan/tilt/zoom cameras

  1. Go through all the same other questions above regarding environment, lighting, mounting locations, and also what type of control equipment is in place or intended. (IMPORTANT: different manufacturers use different pan/tilt/zoom control protocols, and not all can communicate with one another. Find out if they are using existing PTZs and what kind, and whether they have an existing matrix switch, and if so what brand and model).

  2. Dome type or traditional housing and pan/tilt head? (If the camera must look up above 90 degrees, it will have to be traditional type…)

  3. Do you require 16-times optical zoom, 18 times, or higher?


Processing equipment

  1. Is the equipment in place already to monitor the video as required?
    Yes No
  2. If not, how many operators will be required to monitor the video?

  3. What are their locations in the facility?

  4. Do all operators require all camera views and/or control over what they see from their location?
    Yes No
  5. How would you like the video presented? (Multiscreen with spot monitors? All fullscreen all the time? etc.) What size and type of monitors would you like to use?


Digital Video Recorders

  1. How long does the video recording need to be retained before it is written over? (Try to get the customer to be conservative – lead with a statement like: ‘Would two weeks recording be okay?’)
  2. How many IPS (images per second) are necessary for recording on the various camera inputs?
  3. What resolution do your require on the various inputs? CIF (320X240 pixels), 2CIF (640X240 or 720X240) or 4CIF (640X480 or 720X480). (NOTE: ‘CIF’ is pronounced ‘siff’; and make sure the end user understands that high resolution is a tradeoff against storage time since higher resolutions equals exponentially larger picture file sizes).
  4. Do you need remote access via network?
    Yes No

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